The NAN Fund

Joan Coleman


Our founder, Joan Coleman, used to share, “When we (MaRiH) were very young and starry-eyed, we discovered love (which we had lots of) doesn’t pay a doctor’s bill or the rent. We came up against a situation when the woman’s only alternatives seemed, to her, “come up with the money or choose the ‘regrettable, but necessary’ abortion.”  So, we did the only sensible thing and prayed. Our generous Father didn’t hesitate.  Sliding through our mail slot came a check just large enough signed “NAN B.” asking that we use it directly to help a pregnant woman.

There could be no mistaking that message. So, we established the “NAN” Fund, a fund set aside for fiNANcial assistance that directly supports pregnant mothers, or their families in a desperate time of need.  Funds can pay for rent, phone, utilities – wherever the requested is stated and needed most.

Now, any donation allows us to keep “NAN” going.  If you would like to give to The “NAN” Fund, just indicate it on our online form or with your payment and we will gratefully oblige.