We have moved to a new platform!  Stewardship Technologies is now working with CDM+ as its donor platform, which will give us more functionality and can help serve you, our donors, with additional options for payment and flexibility.  It has a different look, so pleased don’t be concerned!  If you have questions, please feel free to call us at the Center.  We are excited about this change, and hope it will meet your needs.

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You can make a contribution in several ways:

The MaRiH Center
3230-B Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-4521

To learn more about The NAN Fund, click here.

Why give to MaRiH Center?

The MaRiH Center is an all-volunteer organization and no person has or ever will be paid for their time or efforts.  This makes our volunteers our most valuable asset and helps keep our costs low.  As a result, we can apply funds where they are needed most – serving the women and families who rely on us.

Program support represents 88% of the total expenses and general administrative and fundraising expenses are 12%.  

Even with the COVID pandemic, we have been able to remain open and sustain our operations.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to expand our offerings over the past few years and are serving more and more moms who call or walk through our door looking for help.

We aren’t big enough to be rated on many of the charity rating sites, but we strive to adhere and hold ourselves accountable to the standards established by BBB Wise Giving Alliance.  

Thank you for your support!

What is The NAN Fund?

Our founder, Joan Coleman, used to say, “When we (MaRiH) were very young and starry-eyed, we discovered love (which we had lots of) doesn’t pay a doctor’s bill or the rent. We came up against a situation when the woman’s only alternatives seemed, to her, “come up with the money or choose the ‘regrettable.’ So, we did the only sensible thing and asked for divine intervention. Sliding through our mail slot came a check just large enough signed “NAN B.” asking that we use it directly to help a pregnant woman.  There could be no mistaking that message. So, we established The “NAN” Fund, a fund set aside for fiNANcial assistance that directly supports pregnant mothers, or their families in a desperate time of need.  Funds can pay for rent, phone, utilities – wherever the requested is stated and needed most.”   If you would like to give to The “NAN” Fund, just indicate in our online donation form or with your payment and we will gratefully oblige.

What are Angels?

Angels are spiritual beings dispatched to aid humans in need for times of emergency or for protection.  The MaRiH Center has “Angels.” A few years ago, we established this special designation for some of our most loyal donors.  These special donors provide direct support to our operating needs, so that more of our undesignated funds can be applied directly to support the mothers and families we serve.  

  • Angel ($1,000 or more)
  • Guardian Angel ($3,500 – covers 15 days of operating costs)
  • Arch Angel ($7,000 – covers one month of operating costs)

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